Welcome to the Railway Hotel.


Please note: Our main bar and restaurant are currently closed for renovations and will reopen mid-october, please feel free to stop by the Bottleshop and enjoy some of our amazing weekly specials or shop online at www.therailway.com.au/bottleshop



Located at 29 Chapel St, Windsor, the hotel represents an unique venue in Melbourne offering a range of hospitality and retail liquor options, including the only 24 hour bottle shops in Victoria, in addition to a number of private function spaces, beer garden and Bar.


Whilst here please be sure to check out our new online store. Our brand new online liquor store offers same day free delivery*, in addition to an exciting and extensive range of products which we are constantly growing. If there is anything you are looking for, or having trouble getting your hands on, please feel free to contact us. Happy shopping!!

The Railway Windsor
The Deck
Main bar
The Main Bar
The Lounge Bar
Cocktail Bar

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